Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Rod Seal

Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Rod Seal

The hydraulic cylinder piston rod seal is installed inside the dust seal on the inner side of the hydraulic cylinder end cover. The function is to prevent the hydraulic oil from leaking out. One of the main pressure bearing parts is one-way pressure bearing, and the pressure is large, and it is directly in contact with the hydraulic oil. It is required to have good pressure holding performance under static state, high pressure in motion, good sealing performance, small friction factor and strong anti-extrusion ability....

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Product Description

GSJ Seal provides exceptional reliability for non-critical sealing applications. Restricts oil flow by eliminating straight path of leakage. And is usually made from synthetic rubber qualitative o ring and filled PTFE qualitative special shape of rectangular, trapezoidal seal ring, the sealing effect and the sealing mechanism and to circle, but it only has a one-way seal effect.

Hydraulic cylinder piston rod seal

Material: NBR, Ptfe+bronze, PTFE+bronze60%,50%,30%,20%

Application: Cylinder

Type: Shaft Seal

Shape: O-Ring

Standard: Nonstandard, Standard

Color: Coffee, Gold, Green


Product Packaging

(1)Packed by plastic bags,put into Plywood cases that don't need fumigation. Other packing is customized according to client's requirements.

(2)PTFE surface treated should be kept in dark place, can not be damaged.

Hydraulic cylinder piston rod seal

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Hydraulic cylinder piston rod seal


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