Dust Proof GSZL Seal

The dust proof GSZL seal consists of a wear ring with a sealing edge and a dust-proof edge and a double-lip wiper with an O-ring as a pretensioning element. Suitable for environments with severe or severe dust and high frequency reciprocating motion. Mainly used in hydraulic and pneumatic devices, servo systems, chemical and food equipment. It has excellent sliding performance, no viscous and creeping phenomenon, can compensate for large deformation of piston rod and plunger, and has good compatibility with hydraulic medium. It can effectively block the remaining oil film adhered to the surface of piston rod from the inside.
  • Gold Double Triangle Combination Seal

    Double triangle combined seal composed of PTFE Material and rubber O-ring double triangle ring, suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic two-way piston rod.it is exquisite in workmanship, beautiful in appearance and long in service life.
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  • Single Lip Dust Proof Seal

    The single lip dust seal is installed on the inner side of the hydraulic cylinder end cover, the main sealing lip is exposed to the air, and the sealing medium is attached with dust, lime sand, rain water and frost, etc., preventing external dust and rain from entering the...
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  • High Speed Rotary Seal of Hole

    High speed rotary seal of hole is made of a polytetrafluoroethylene H slip ring and a O rubber ring, suitable for high-speed and rotary individual seals for hydraulic and pneumatic holes.
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  • Mechanics Hydraulic PTFE Bronze Wiper Seals

    The major function of Wiper Seals GSZL is to keep contaminants such as dirt.dust from entering the reciprocating oil cylinder and pneumatic cylinder piston rod.
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