Piston Rod GSJ Seal

Piston rod GSJ seal is a special combination seal for piston rod. It is used in reciprocating high pressure cylinder. It is composed of PEFE seal ring and O-ring. The inner ring seal ring is made of special modified PTFE material, which has excellent physical and chemical properties such as low friction, wear resistance, extrusion resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The outer ring of the GSJ's O-ring provides radial tension to the inner ring seal, allowing the inner ring seal lip to tightly hold the shaft, giving the seal an excellent seal. O-rings of different materials can be used in different temperature environments.
  • Low Friction Resistance Piston Rod Seal

    The piston rod seal is installed inside the dust seal on the inner side of the end cap of the hydraulic cylinder. The function is to prevent leakage of hydraulic oil. One of the main pressure-bearing original parts is unidirectionally pressurized, and the pressure is large,...
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  • Piston Rod Slide GSJ Seals for Shaft

    Piston rod sliding GSJ seals are used in hydraulic reciprocating systems. In high, medium, low pressure and heavy load, the sealing situation under high frequency conditions is very good. Suitable for a wide range of strokes and a wide range of fluids and high temperature...
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  • High Pressure Hydraulic Rod GSJ Seal

    High Pressure Hydraulic Rod GSJ Seal is the most critical seal on any type of fluid power equipment preventing leakage of fluid from within the cylinder to the outside. Leakage through the rod seal can reduce equipment performance, and also in extreme cases can cause...
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  • Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Rod GSJ Seal

    The hydraulic cylinder piston rod GSJ seal is installed inside the dust seal on the inner side of the hydraulic cylinder end cover. The function is to prevent the hydraulic oil from leaking out. One of the main pressure bearing parts is one-way pressure bearing, and the...
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