Wiper LBH Seal

The wiper LBH seal prevents mud, dust, moisture and the like from intruding into the bearing from the outside; limits the leakage of lubricating oil in the bearing. The requirements for oil seals are that the dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter and thickness) should be in accordance with the regulations; the requirements are to have appropriate elasticity, the shaft can be properly clamped and sealed, and the heat resistance, wear resistance, strength, and medium resistance are required. Oil or water, etc.), long service life.
  • DH Dust Proof Wiper Seal

    DH Dust Proof Wiper Seal is installed on the inner side of the hydraulic cylinder end cover. The main sealing lip is exposed to the air. The sealing medium is attached with dirt, sand, rain and frost to prevent external dust and rain from entering the inside of the sealing...
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  • Reciprocating Pneumatic PU Wiper Seal

    Wiper Seals LBH is used for sealing and dustproof of piston rod in the reciprocating cylinder and pneumatic.Mainly used in Import equipment, engineering machines, oil cylinder of automatic hydraulic equipment
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