Excavator Seal

Excavator seals are ideal for long strokes and a wide range of fluid and high temperature applications and can be used for large piston clearances. Mainly used for cylinder piston seals of heavy or industrial machinery, with good leakage device, anti-extrusion or anti-damage properties, such as excavators, heavy steel and so on.
  • Hydraulic Viton Bronze Filled Oil Seal

    Hydraulic Viton Bronze Filled Oil Seal is mainly made of fluoro rubber material. Fluororubber material has high chemical stability, high temperature resistance and aging resistance. It is mainly used to manufacture gaskets with high temperature, oil and chemical resistance,...
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  • Hydraulic Double Acting Compact Seal

    SPGW Seal applied to heavy duty or construction machinery has good leakage control, resistance to extrusion and resistance to damage.SPGW is mainly used for the cylinder piston sealing of heavy duty or construction machinery, and has good leakage control, anti extrusion and...
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  • PTFE Bronze Nylon Green Machinery Seal

    PTFE bronze nylon green mechanical seal refers to the prevention of fluid leakage caused by at least one pair of end faces perpendicular to the rotation axis under the action of the fluid pressure and the compensating mechanism elastic force (or magnetic force) and the...
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  • PTFE Excavator Combined Seal Piston

    PTFE Excavator Combined seal is piston seal,It’s applied to heavy duty or construction machinery has good leakage control, resistance to extrusion and resistance to damage.Piston Seals are fluid seals specifically designed to function as piston seals in pneumatic and...
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  • Excavator Single Acting PTFE Seal

    Single acting SPGO seal has the bidirectional sealing ability, eliminates the installation space, the seal has very low friction resistance, eliminates the creeping, and guarantees the very high abrasion resistance. SPGO piston seal is designed to be used in a variety of...
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  • Wear-resistant Hydraulic Piston PTFE Seal

    The wear-resistant hydraulic piston PTFE seal is mounted on the piston. The main function is to seal the gap between the piston and the cylinder to prevent leakage of hydraulic oil. The piston seal is the main seal in the hydraulic cylinder. It is one of the most important...
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  • Excavator Hydraulic HBY Rubber Buffer Seal

    Compared PU Buffer HBY Seals with plastic, Buffer HBY Seals not only offers excellent impact resistance, but also offers excellent wear resistant and high tensile strength. For all kinds of mechanical shock absorption and buffering role.
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  • Excavator PU HBY Buffer Ring Seal

    The excavator PU HBY buffer ring seal can buffer the impact pressure generated on the piston rod side of the hydraulic cylinder, soothe back pressure; prevent the direct overheating of the oil temperature from being transmitted to the seal, resulting in deterioration of the...
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  • Wear-resistant Hydraulic PTFE Bronze Seal

    The wear-resistant hydraulic PTFE seal has a very low friction coefficient and good self-lubricating properties, but it must be filled with bronze to be used as a hydraulic material, which can improve the heat transfer capacity, increase wear resistance and improve...
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  • Excavator Piston Rod SPN Square Ring Seal

    Excavator piston rod SPN Square ring Seal is consists of a square flexible ring and a PTFE seal ring. Used in working pressure range, high speed sliding occasions.
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  • Low Friction PTFE Bronze with Square Ring

    Low friction PTFE bronze with square ring is a low friction piston seal. PTFE + Bronze seal ring is energized by a rubber o-ring to provide a long lasting high speed.Low friction, non stick slip phenomenon.Good wear resistance.
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  • Excavator Double Acting PTFE Seal

    Excavator double acting PTFE seal has bidirectional sealing capability, eliminates installation space, seals with very low friction, eliminates creeping and ensures high wear resistance.
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