Dust Proof PT1 Seal

The dust-proof PT1 seal consists of a special-shaped ring with a sealing edge and a dust-proof cutting edge and a PT1 dust ring composed of two O-rings for the overall sealing of the body. Low friction, no stick-slip phenomenon, good organic adjustment and positioning ability, can be used in agricultural machinery, hydraulic press, injection molding machine, hydraulic control system, crane, rolling, loading and unloading machinery.
  • PTFE Bronze Double Lips PT1 Dust Proof Seal

    Wiper Seal PT1 dust proof ring for improved overall sealing, with low friction and non stick slip phenomenon, has excellent ability of adjusting and positioning in the work, can be used for injection molding of agricultural ,machinery hydraulic machine ,hydraulic control...
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  • Double Lips Wiper PTFE Bronze PT1 Seal

    Double Lips Wiper PTFE Bronze PT1 Seal is consists of one filled PTFE ring and two o-rings. PT1 ensures that dust is not enter into the hydraulic systems, avoiding wear and damage to all the internal components including seals. Dust seals PT1 is used to improve the overall...
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