Modified PTFE

In order to improve PTFE, PTFE can be modified by various methods such as reinforcement, filling, compounding and blending. Therefore, the developed composite materials are widely applicable to the flameproof preparation of parts in machinery, electronic appliances, aerospace, automotive and other industries. The modification methods mainly include surface modification, filling modification and blending modification.
  • Modified Filled PTFE Tubes

    The filled PTFE tube is made by molding a filled PTFE resin.Among the various fillers suitable for mixing with PTFE are glass fiber, carbon fiber, tin bronze and lubricants (such as graphite, molybdenum disulfide) and have been widely used in mass production. Compared with...
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  • Modified Filled PTFE Films

    The PTFE film is molded, sintered, cooled into a blank by a suspension PTFE resin, and then subjected to turning and calendering. The turned film is a non-oriented film, and the non-oriented film is calendered to form an oriented film. PTFE film is used in capacitor...
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  • Modified Filled PTFE Rod

    PTFE rod is an unfilled PTFE resin suitable for processing various gaskets, seals and lubricating materials working in corrosive media, and electrical insulating parts used at various frequencies. A bar which may be formed by a molding, paste extrusion or plunger extrusion...
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  • Modified Filled PTFE Board

    The PTFE board is divided into two types: mold molding and turning. The mold plate is formed by molding a PTFE resin at a normal temperature, and then sintering and cooling. The PTFE turning board is formed by pressing, sintering and rotary cutting of PTFE resin. Its products...
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  • Modified Filled PTFE Gaskets

    PTFE filled gaskets are used as sealing materials. Because of its high corrosion resistance, stable physical properties, high temperature resistance, it has achieved good sealing performance and has wide applications in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power and...
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