Spring Energized PTC Seal

Spring Energized PTC Seal

The Spring Energized PTC seal works on the principle that the spring-loaded seal is composed of a polymeric material seal and a corrosion-resistant stainless steel metal spring. The sealing ring is installed in the groove, the spring is pressed to form an outward tension, and the sealing lip is pressed against the sealing groove. Since the spring permanently provides the elastic force to the sealing lip, it can compensate for the wear of the sealing shell and the eccentricity of the fitting part, thereby forming Sealing from vacuum to low pressure....

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Product Description

Spring energized PTC seal is inside face seal.

A special V-shaped stainless steel spring face seal static seal is enclosed by an inward U-PTFE seal

The main material of PTC is PTFE, commonly known as Teflon, is a sealant that is chemically superior to perfluororubber and has good heat resistance. It can be used in most chemical fluids, solvents, and hydraulic oils and lubricants. , Its swelling is very small, it can be used for a long time to achieve sealing performance, using a variety of special springs to overcome the elasticity of Teflon or other high-performance rubber plastics, can replace the vast majority of the static or dynamic (reciprocating or rotary motion) The seals, the use of temperature range from -55 °C to 260 °C, pressure from vacuum to ultra high pressure 450kg, speed up to 15m / s, while the spring can be used in different environments, the use of stainless steel, etc., it can be applied to each kind of high-temperature corrosion fluid occasions.

Spring Energized PTC Seal

Spring Energized PTC Seal


Spring Energized PTC Seal

Sliding speed[m/s]


Temperature [° C]


Pressure Pr:N/mm²



Virtually all fluids, chemicals and gases


Virgin PTFE, PTFE+carbon, PTFE+glass fiber,  PTFE+bronze, PTFE+polyester, PEEK etc.

Other special material is also available.


coffee, white, black, blue, beige

Type of spring

V-spring, Helical Spring, Slanted Coil Spring


Supply standard and non-standard size







Dosing devices


ISO9001-2008, SGS

Delivery time

5 to 7 working days, 2 days for in stock




Packing & Storage

Plastic film for inner packaging and cartons for outer packaging.Other packing is customized according to client's requirements.

Spring Energized PTC Seal

Company Profile

Spring Energized PTC Seal


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