PTFE Membrane

The PTFE membrane is a material obtained by coating a polytetrafluoroethylene fabric with a polytetrafluoroethylene resin. This film has good welding properties, excellent UV resistance, aging resistance and flame retardant properties. In addition, its antifouling and self-cleaning properties are the best among all architectural membranes. The processing method is that the glass fiber fabric is quickly placed into the Teflon melt multiple times, so that the fabric has a uniform Teflon coating on both sides, and the permanent PTFE film is officially born. The PTFE membrane has the advantages of high strength, good durability, fire retardancy, good self-cleaning property, no ultraviolet light influence, and light weight (about 1/30 of the weight of the previous steel ceiling). The PTFE membrane has high reflectivity and low absorption rate for sunlight, and can inhibit the penetration of the solar source into the structural building by the minimum heat capacity.
  • Chemical Resistance PTFE Membrane

    The PTFE film is molded, sintered, cooled into a blank by a suspension PTFE resin, and then subjected to turning and calendering. The turned film is a non-oriented film, and the non-oriented film is calendered to form an oriented film. PTFE film is used in capacitor...
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  • White PTFE Membrane

    PTFE Membrane used in the gasket seals and lubrication material of all kinds of working medium , and electrical insulation used under all kinds of frequency, the capacitor dielectric, wire insulation, and electrical meter insulation.
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