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Introduction and technical data of piston rod seal
May 10, 2018

The piston rod seal is one of the main pressure elements in the hydraulic cylinder, which is subjected to unidirectional pressure and bears great pressure. It directly contacts with hydraulic oil.

The piston rod seal is installed inside the dust-proof seal inside the hydraulic cylinder end cover, and the function is to prevent leakage of hydraulic oil. Under the condition of static state, it requires good pressure keeping performance, high pressure in motion, good sealing performance, small friction coefficient and strong anti extrusion ability.

Piston rod seals are mainly used in general hydraulic systems, machine tools, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, standard hydraulic cylinders, general machinery and other equipment.

The piston rod seal is redesigned and improved based on the traditional U section. These improvements include:

No sharp edge dynamic lip design is conducive to sliding. The U structure has been increased and the flexibility is increased.

The use of polyurethane instead of rubber extends the life of seals and can be used in non lubricated air.

Technical data of piston rod seal

Work pressure: 1.6MPa

Speed: less than 1m/s

Temperature: from -40 C to +80 C

Medium: dry air or lubricated air, mineral oil and grease, non corrosive gases.

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