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Great potential for the development of the seal industry
May 10, 2018

Industrial people often think that sealing is a small thing, but sealing is a very important technological product for continuous operation of industry. In the early period of reform and opening up, because of lack of attention, the seal industry has been regarded as a small and complex field, and the speed of development is slow. A large number of small enterprises can not form mass production and quality management. With the improvement of domestic manufacturing level, this situation has begun to change rapidly.

With the rapid development of China's mechanical industry, especially the development of the automotive industry and electronic communications industry, the Chinese seal industry has already had an irreplaceable practical significance and profound connotation of the development of the industry.

In the new international environment, the global seal parts manufacturing base will continue to shift to China. China's seal industry will also usher in a leap forward development period, and will also make greater contributions to the development of China's new industrialization.

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