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Application of dust proof seal for rotating shaft
May 10, 2018

A dustproof seal for rotating shaft is mainly used in hydraulic oil pressure cylinder or cylinder, piston group and bearing and shaft end. It is to prevent the leakage of grease and remove the impurities, such as dust, ash, rain, etc., which are attached to the external surface of the cylinder, and prevent the impurities from entering the interior of the sealing device from the outside. A dust proof sealing device is set up to protect other sealing devices.

The dust proof seal is classified according to its characteristic, structure type and sealing mechanism. It can be divided into many types and sizes: rectangular and chamfering according to the seal structure form, and J and triangle; according to the function, it has single action and double action; according to the dust proof seal product There are no skeletons to divide into skeletons and skeletons. According to the combination form of dustproof seals, they can be divided into two types: single type and combined type.

Most of the dust-proof seals used in the market are made of rubber materials. The advantages are good wear resistance, anti extrusion, stamping resistance, small compression deformation, wide range of adaptation and easy installation. In recent years, there are more and more other materials for dust proof seals, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and O ring. The sealing effect is very ideal, and the time of use is long, and the working environment is more extensive.

A good dust proof seal should be a sharp lip structure with low friction coefficient and self lubrication, which can prevent the outside dust from entering the seal system, while protecting the cylinder piston from the dust and reducing the wear of the shaft.

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