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Installation method of cylinder piston seal ring
May 10, 2018

First, the upper die is detached from the cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder so that the upper die is separated from the cylinder rod of the hydraulic cylinder. (the upper mold needs to be cushions)

2. hydraulic cylinder seal is best not to change online, (because it is too dirty, and rather difficult to operate), the hydraulic cylinder is dismantled (your hair picture is not clear, may be flange connection), placed in clean and dust-free sites. It must be unloaded before dismantling, and if the cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder is placed at the highest position, corresponding measures should be taken to prevent the cylinder from falling after unloading.

3. remove the rear end cover of the hydraulic cylinder, draw the piston and piston rod, remove the front cover, then, the seal of the hydraulic cylinder is basically present in front of you (some hydraulic cylinders have only the front end cover, the truth is almost the same). Do you want to change the seal of the piston rod? The seal of the piston? The seal on the end cover? The seal of the buffer device? The seal of the exhaust valve?

There are many kinds of seals. There are several basic kinds of seals: Y ring, Yx type ring, V type ring, lattice seal, sterling seal, and some combination seals, (O ring and combination mat are not said), and some guide ring and dust ring used with seal. See where you want to change where the seal, if your experience is rich enough, then you can according to the seal groove size of the hydraulic cylinder and the original seal with the same size of the seal (the market to do a lot of seal manufacturers, each manufacturer's model is different, but the same reason). If you are not too familiar, it is very important to find a professional seal manufacturer to do it, and provide guidance (some seals need hot loading), and then use the pressure equipment to carry out the pressure test, which is very important! This will test the success of your work!

5, in accordance with the order of the demolition of the hydraulic cylinder can be installed, the details are many, we should pay more attention.

Attention: under the condition of inexperience, we must have someone's guidance to work, otherwise the economic losses will be small and the safety will be damaged.

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