Spring Energized PTD Seal

Spring Energized PTD Seal

Name:Spring Energized PTD Seal
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Code: PTD
Material: seals: bronze, glass fiber, carbon, graphite, polyester etc. filled PTFE spring:
stainless steel
Size:Standard and nonstandard
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Product Description

Spring energized seal is a U-shaped PTFE seal ring, which is combined with an O-shaped or V-shaped special spring. It is a high-performance seal with a U-shaped PTFE seal and stainless steel spring. When the system pressure is zero, the spring provides the initial pre-pressure. When the pressure of the system increases, the U-shaped cavity is filled with pressure medium and the lip is pressed against the cylinder wall. This ensures that the seal is in the entire pressure change process. Always has a good sealing performance.

Spring energized PTD seal is outside face seal.A special O-shaped stainless steel spring end seal is installed in a sealed circle with an outward V-type PTFE.

Spring Energized PTD Seal

Spring Energized PTD Seal


Spring   Energized PTD Seal

Sliding speed[m/s]


Temperature [° C]


Pressure Pr:N/mm²



Virtually all fluids, chemicals and gases


Virgin PTFE, PTFE+carbon, PTFE+glass fiber, PTFE+bronze, PTFE+polyester, PEEK etc.

Other special material is also available.


coffee, white, black, blue, beige

Type of spring

V-spring, Helical Spring, Slanted Coil Spring


Supply standard and non-standard size


(1)Very low friction coefficient

(2) Good dynamic and static sealing

(3)Almost universal chemical compatibility

(4)Very good heat resistance

(5) Contact with chemicals, permanent elastic deformation does not occur


Aircraft, aerospace

Transportation(heavy truck,automotive,marine,rail)

Construction equipment

High performance racing

Medical instrumentation

Liquid chromatography

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Petroleum and chemical process equipment

Pumps, valves, compressors and mechanical seals,Dosing devices


ISO9001-2008, SGS

Delivery time

5 to 7 working days, 2 days for in stock




Packing & Storage

Plastic film for inner packaging and cartons for outer packaging.Other packing is customized according to client's requirements.

Spring Energized PTD Seal

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Spring Energized PTD Seal



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