Piston Rod Slide GSJ Seals for Shaft

Piston Rod Slide GSJ Seals for Shaft

Piston rod sliding GSJ seals are used in hydraulic reciprocating systems. In high, medium, low pressure and heavy load, the sealing situation under high frequency conditions is very good. Suitable for a wide range of strokes and a wide range of fluids and high temperature applications, for larger piston rod clearances. For example, bulldozers, excavators, forging presses, ceramic presses, rolling mills, servo valves and machine tools....

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Product Description

Hydraulic Step Seals GSJ is a reciprocating piston rod seal, with unidirectional sealing effect, suitable for hydraulic cylinder seal, has good thermal conductivity and reliability

PTFE+Bronze/Glass Fiber/Carbon/Graphite/MoS2

O Rings:NBR/Viton/FKM

Product Specification

Working pressure


Working temperature


(Depend on material of O-ring)

Working speed


Working medium

Hydraulic oil, water, etc




Product Packaging

(1)Packed by plastic bags,put into Plywood cases that don't need fumigation. Other packing is customized according to client's requirements.

(2)PTFE surface treated should be kept in dark place, can not be damaged.

Piston rod slide GSJ seals for shaft

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Piston rod slide GSJ seals for shaft


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