PTFE Bronze Piston Rod Seal

PTFE Bronze Piston Rod Seal

Product Name: PTFE bronze piston rod seal
Color: Coffee, Gold, Green
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Product Description

Successfully used for decades, the Glyd Ring is a very effective and reliable low frictional seal. It is particularly suitable as a rod seal in both high and low pressure systems.

The double acting Glyd Ring is a combination of a based slipper seal and an energising O-Ring. It is produced with an interference fit which together with the squeeze of the O-Ring ensures a good sealing effect even at low pressure. At higher system pressures, the O-Ring is energised by the fluid, pushing the Glyd Ring against the sealing face with increased force.

The geometry of the Glyd Ring ensures a good static sealing and allows the lubricating hydrodynamic oil film to be build under the seal in reciprocating applications.

To assure that a rapid energising of the seal takes place at sudden changes of pressure and direction of motion, the seal can be delivered with radial "notches" on both sides. 

PTFE bronze piston rod seal

PTFE bronze piston rod seal

Material: NBR, Ptfe+bronze, PTFE+bronze60%,50%,30%,20%

Application: Cylinder

Type: Shaft Seal

Shape: O-Ring

Standard: Nonstandard, Standard

Color: Coffee, Gold, Green

Product Packaging

(1)Packed by plastic bags,put into Plywood cases that don't need fumigation. Other packing is customized according to client's requirements.

(2)PTFE surface treated should be kept in dark place, can not be damaged.

PTFE bronze piston rod seal

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PTFE bronze piston rod seal


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