Sodium Treatment PTFE Board

Sodium Treatment PTFE Board

Because the surface of Teflon cannot be bonded, if you want to bond with other substances, you must chemically treat the PTFE on one or both sides and then make it into Sodium Treatment PTFE Board, which can be bonded with rubber, metal and other substances. In special use, it compensates for the non-stick properties of PTFE products. Typical applications would include the lining of chemical process tanks or other equipment used in caustic environments....

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Product Description

Etched PTFE Teflon sheet can be done to any shape or size, most preferred or most commonly used is

one side etching Sheet.Etched surfaces will discolor to a grown appearance.

Sodium Treatment PTFE Board is also called PTFE Etching Sheet. It is an amazing non-stick material, but what about when you need to glue it to the surface of another material ? In order to bond standard PTFE to another surface such as stainless steel, a process called "etching" is required. Typical applications would include the lining of chemical process tanks or other equipment used in caustic environments. When bonding is needed,sodium ammonia etching is usually the most economical answer. This process uses of a mixture of sodium and ammonia that is formulated to create a bondable surface both quickly and efficiently. From microchips to full size rolls, fluoropolymers of any shape or complexity, including tape, sheet, tubing, molded shapes & machined parts of any configuration can be etched & bonded. This treatment can be accomplished on one or more surfaces, or selectively within close tolerances.

Sodium Treatment PTFE Board

Product Specification

Details of PTFE filled with other materials

Product Packaging

Packed by plastic bags,put into Plywood cases that don't need fumigation. Other packing is customized according to client's requirements.

Sodium Treatment PTFE Board

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Sodium Treatment PTFE Board

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