Bronze PTFE Guide Soft Tape

Bronze PTFE Guide Soft Tape

Product Name:Bronze ptfe guide soft tape
Sample: Free
Material: Bronze + PTFE (Teflon)
Size: Accept customization
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

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Product Description

Material: Bronze + PTFE (Teflon)

Production Method: Skived

We use quality bronze powder to mix with superior PTFE, skive the billets into guide tapes.

Various sizes are available.

Thickness, Width, Length can be made according to customer's request.

Bronze ptfe guide soft tape

Bronze ptfe guide soft tape

Style: Sealing Strip

Application: Auxiliary Seal

Shape (For Gasket): Ring Gasket

Standard: Standard

Product Name:: PTFE Guide Strip

Material:: PTFE + Bronze/Carbon 

Certificate:: ISO9001

Samples:: Available

Width:: 5-25mm

Thickness:: 1.5-6mm

Length:: 15m

Working Temperature:: -180 ~ +250℃

Working Pressure:: ≤63Mpa

Working Medium:: Hydraulic Oil,Compressed Air

Product Specification

1.Corrosion-resistant pipeand fittings:pipes,pipe connections,feeding tubes,discharge tubes,wires and other flexible casing;

2.Chemical devices:a heat exchanger,distillation unit(tower reactor,pylon,heat exchangers,tanks,valves,elbows,tees,etc)

3.Electrolytic membrane,gas dialysis membrane,oil and water membrane,etc.


Bronze ptfe guide soft tape

Sliding speed[m/s]


Temperature [°C]

-180 ~ +250℃

Pressure Pr:   N/mm² (Max) 

15 @ 25° C 
12 @ 80° C 
8 @ 120° C


Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids,

barely flammable hydraulic fluids,

water, air and others.


bronze filled PTFE


coffee, green, grey green

Strcture on surface

smooth, empaistic or embossed, tea drop, chamfer edge etc.

Wear ring/guide ring

cut to size and to customer specifications


1. Suitable for dry use (depending on the load).

2. Very good temperature resistance.

3. Compatible with most of the fluids in contact.

4. Easy assembly, low friction coefficient.


hydraulic cylnders, Pneumatics, Presses

Injection moulding machines


ISO9001-2008, SGS

Product Packaging

(1)Packed by plastic bags,put into Plywood cases that don't need fumigation. Other packing is customized according to client's requirements.

(2)PTFE surface treated should be kept in dark place, can not be damaged.

Bronze ptfe guide soft tape

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Bronze ptfe guide soft tape



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