Polyurethane Rubber Rod And Liner

Polyurethane rubber bars, lining boards and other miscellaneous parts are made of castable polyurethane elastomers, which have better comprehensive properties than general rubber and plastics.Its wear resistance and toughness is natural rubber 2-10 times, known as "wear-resistant rubber"....

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The oil resistance is 3-5 times that of butadiene rubber. High strength and elasticity, which can be maintained in a wide range of hardness (shao a10-shao D 90). Under the same hardness, the bearing capacity is higher than other elastomers. High impact resistance, fatigue resistance and shock resistance, suitable for high frequency flexural applications;Excellent resistance to tear, aging, grease and chemicals.


Widely used in heavy machinery, large stamping equipment shock absorber plate, punching, stamping, plate gold size and high requirements for electrical properties.Specifications can be customized according to customer requirements processing.

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