Polyurethane Lining Steel Pipe

Polyurethane lining steel pipe has outstanding properties such as abrasion resistance and high elastic resistance,wearing life is over 10 times longer than that of steel pipe.It is widely used for electric power, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, coal, building materials and other industries....

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1. Excellent abrasion and elasticity  resistance.

Polyurethane will be forced to compress by the external force,  when external force disappears, polyurethane returns to original state. This property greatly reduces abrasion due to direct and intense erosion of pipe’s internal wall . Its wearing life is over 10 times longer than that of steel pipe.

2. Anti-scaling

Lining polyurethane elastic body has symmetrical molecular structure in a status of non-polar nature against outside. It won’t cause adsorption effect of Ca2 +, Co32-, HCO3, OH and other ions in the slurry and won’t form layer of dirt either. It has smooth inner surface, good elasticity, and can prevent the fouling layer from adhering. Therefore it has good anti-scaling and scaling-relief performance.

3. Less running resistance

Surface of lining is smooth and transparent. Absolute roughness of inner wall is 0.082, thus being able to reduce operating costs.

4. Excellent stability of water resistance and excellent anti-aging properties.

It is unlike rubber, and when it is in water, swelling phenomenon will not occur to affect performance.

5. Excellent combination

Lined polyurethane combines closely with steel pipe. Unique technique is adopted. Poured polyurethane elastic body reaches 100% combination with steel pipe. Unique overall flanging process is applied to avoid falling off, void and partial tearing.

6. Light weight and easy installation

As the pipe uses thin-wall tube with a relatively light weight, following connections can be used in installation: flanged connection, flexible pipe joint connection and welded connection.

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