Polyurethane Buffer

Polyurethane buffer is an elevator and heavy-lifting large heavy mechanical limit position of the safety device., it can quickly will impact potential energy into elastic energy, has the strong hardness, good flexibility , quick recovery, oil resistance, corrosion resistance etc. Suitable for metallurgy, mine, railway, port, shipbuilding, automobile, weighing apparatus, large-scale machinery, equipment, etc....

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Hardness (Shore)

Tension Strength (mpa)

Elongation %

Tearing Strength (kn/m)

Operating Temperature

Density (g/cm3)





-20 - +55


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Special-purpose Polyurethane buffer hits the product for my factory owner,  this product not just only absorb the massive impact properties,  also has the high shock elasticity, the good resistant to compression restitution, the good insulating property, the explosion-proof, the corrosion preventing, the thermal stability, the resistance to cold, the oil resistance and bears the aging and so on outstanding performance.

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