Filled Bronze Plastic PTFE Tubes

Filled Bronze Plastic PTFE Tubes

Product Name:Filled Bronze plastic Ptfe Tubes
Sample: Free
Method: Extruded or mould
Materials: PTFE
Size: Accept customization
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Product Description

PTFE can be formed by compression or extrusion processing, and can also be made into aqueous dispersions for coating, impregnation or making fibers. With the progress of science and technology, traditional corrosion-resistant non-metallic materials for anti-corrosion equipment development is increasingly perfect, new corrosion-resistant non-metallic materials products are constantly emerging. In the adoption of new technologies, new materials to develop anti-corrosion new products of the wave, PTFE anti-corrosion products, a single show, rapid development. PTFE (PTFE) with high chemical stability, he is capable of almost all of the commonly used strong corrosion, hydroxide chemical, but also has the characteristics of high temperature, so it is an ideal anti-corrosion materials. Zhengzhou University of Technology through the study of processing technology, PTFE anti-corrosion products in the industrial application of more and more extensive.

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Product Specification

Details of PTFE filled with other materials

Product Packaging

Packed by plastic bags,put into Plywood cases that don't need fumigation. Other packing is customized according to client's requirements.

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Company Profile

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