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What Causes The PTFE Rod To Be A Problem
May 10, 2018

First, the PTFE rod diameter changes greatly:

1. Screw homework speed is not stable. 2. The barrel heating temperature shakes. 3. Filter obstruction at the perforated plate. 4. The traction speed is not stable.

Two, polytetrafluoroethylene rod roundness irregular: 

1. molding mold temperature fluctuate. The temperature of the extruded melt is not disorderly. 

2. screw wear is serious, extrusion melt pressure is not chaos. 

3. the tractor is not running smoothly.

Three, the appearance of the product is rough and dull: 

1. the heating temperature of the  barrel is low, and the plasticization of the material is uneven. 

2. molding mold temperature is low. 

3. filter network break, the quality of guessing more impurities. 

4. the forming die or the sizing sleeve is rough inside and outside, and the finish is not good.

Four, polytetrafluoroethylene rods have bubbles or silver wires on the outside: 

1. materials are dry and dispose of different parts, quality is high with water content. 

2., the heating cylinder temperature is high.

Five. Extrusion: 1. feed hopper entrance obstruction

The temperature of the 2. barrel feeding section of the single screw extruder is too high. 3. filter network impurities, obstruction filter network. 4. the temperature of the forming die is too low, and the resistance of the melt running is large.

Six. Extruded PTFE rods do not take a straight line: the temperature difference between 1. dies or sizing sleeves is larger. The cooling of 2. products is not uniform. 3. auxiliary machine and extruder homework central line is not in a straight line. 4. the inlet and outlet of the cooling tank and the different axis of the die. 5. products have not been fully cooled.

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