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Seal Installation Requirements And Precautions
May 10, 2018


1. before installation and use, you must read the instructions and pay special attention to matters needing attention in safety.

2. the use and operation of the seal must have corresponding protective facilities to avoid pollution to the surrounding environment and damage to personnel due to the failure of the sealing failure.


The installation and operation of mechanical seals must be trained and qualified personnel.


(1). Inspection items before assembly:

1. it is necessary to check whether the mechanical seal installed is applicable to your working conditions. When the temperature of the medium is high, low or containing impurities, it is flammable, explosive and poisonous, it is necessary to take appropriate measures such as sealing, washing, cooling, filtering and so on.

2. check the relevant risk marks, check installation and connection dimensions, check the accuracy of axial and radial dimensional tolerances on the shaft and cavity. The shaft or bushing finish is not more than 1.6 microns. The tolerance of axle or bushing is H7. The end of the sealing cavity faces the pump shaft. The diameter of each 3cm hole is not greater than 0.015mm. The radial runout of the axis should not be more than 0.1mm, the axial channeling should not be more than 0.15mm, and the "O" ring should have smooth and excessive chamfering through the end corner of the axle sleeve, the angle of the shaft shoulder is 3 * 10 degrees, and the end cover chamfering is 2~2.5 * 20 degrees.

3., we should carefully read the assembly drawings of mechanical seals (the standard products can be seen in product samples) to ensure the installation dimensions and tolerances of mechanical seals.

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