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Combination Of Common Piston Rod Seals
May 10, 2018

The combination of common piston rod seals can be divided into:

The structural form of the composite seal used for piston rod is designed according to the requirements of the working condition. There are different requirements in different working conditions. Only the selection of the suitable piston rod combination seal can meet the sealing requirements.

1) dust ring +Y type (+ support ring) + shaft for sterncap + support ring:

The combined seal is suitable for industrial hydraulic and hydraulic hydraulic cylinder with high pressure and high pressure. The first seal is mainly used to withstand the main pressure, and the next is the sealing effect. It can resist the damage of the high pressure oil to the second seal products (the lip seal can not withstand high pressure), and the shaft. It is good to return oil from the seal. It can reflow the oil from the first, second seal to the cylinder cavity. It will not form a trapped oil zone. The second seal is sealed completely. It is the supplement and strengthening of the first seal.

2) dustproof ring + Sterling (+ support ring) + shaft for sterncap + supporting ring):

Industrial hydraulic and walking mechanical hydraulic cylinders for high pressure, high temperature, high speed and corrosion resistance. The friction coefficient of the double seal structure is smaller (the dustproof ring is better) and can be operated at high speed. If the O ring material of the seal and dust ring is changed to fluoro rubber (FKM), it can be used for high temperature and anti combustion hydraulic medium. The occasion.

3) dustproof ring +Y Ring + buffer ring + support ring:

This combination seal is suitable for engineering machinery hydraulic cylinders with poor working conditions and hydraulic impact. The structure is compact, the buffer ring is good in oil recovery, it will not form the trapped oil zone, the dust ring belt skeleton, the lip and the cylinder head are flat, and it is not easy to be damaged by sand and stone.

4) the +BD+ support ring of the dustproof ring:

This type of combination seal is suitable for the medium and low pressure industrial hydraulic cylinders in general. The seals are Y - shaped seals. The O sealing ring sandwiched between the lips can compensate for wear and tear and make their low pressure sealing performance better. It can also be equipped with H - ring, u - ring, etc.

5) dustproof ring + axis V ring:

It is suitable for large, heavy load, hydraulic pressure, pressure, temperature, speed change range and unpredictable conditions for medium and high pressure situations. It is commonly used in metallurgy. After wear of V type seal ring, the wear loss can be compensated by reducing the adjustment sheet or adjusting the ring head screw, thus the life span can be extended. Yes. It is not sensitive to oil contamination, but its starting resistance is large. When the shaft is installed with V sealing ring, each element must be interlaced into 120 degrees so that the length of the groove will not change. Because of its open structure and open installation of the groove, there is no need to disassemble the cylinder in maintenance.

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