Green VITON FKM PTFE Coated O Ring

Green VITON FKM PTFE Coated O Ring

O-rings are mainly used for static and reciprocating seals. For rotary motion seals, only for low speed rotary seals. The o-ring is generally mounted in a groove having a rectangular cross section on the outer or inner circumference for sealing. O-ring seals still have good sealing and shock absorption in oil, acid, alkali, grinding and chemical corrosion. Therefore, the o-ring is a widely used seal in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems. The PTFE o-ring has various properties of polytetrafluoroethylene....

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Product Description

We mainly specialize in producing different types of  o rings. O ring repair kits, excavator O-ring kits, customized rubber products.The materials are available in NBR, FKM, EPDM,MVQ and HNBR. We have more than one thousand available O ring moulds and can open new moulds as customers' drawings. 

Our products can meet CE and ROHS requirements and have a big market around the world.

Especially in America ,European countries ,South America ,which have a good reputation from our clients 

Green VITON FKM PTFE Coated O Ring

Green VITON FKM PTFE Coated O Ring

Product Features


Standard NBR FKM PTFE Coated O Ring


Nitrile rubber,NR,EPDM,Silicone,Viton,Neoprene,SBR,HNBR,ACM,etc.

Working Temperature

- 54 °C ~ +   200 °C



Working Pressure


Working speed



pumps, valves, mechanical seals, filters, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, gas compressor applications.Petrochemical industry, power plant, iron and steel industry, aircraft manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry,Petroleum and chemical transportation, oil refining, film industry, food processing industry, paper industry, paint spraying.

Product Packaging

1.OPP bag + Outer Carton

2.Customized packaging can be available.

Green VITON FKM PTFE Coated O Ring

Company Profile

Green VITON FKM PTFE Coated O Ring


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