Encapsulated PTFE Coated O Ring

Product Name:Encapsulated PTFE Coated O ring
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Product Description

1.PTFE FEP/PFA encapsulated O Ring are designed to combine the sealing properties of the rubber O Ring with the chemical resistance of PTFE.

2.They are generally manufactured rubber or silicone rubber and are coated in a thin molded layer of FEP or PFA.

3.This provides a unique seal popular for high friction and aggressive chemical applications. FEP encapsulated O-Rings are our most common and are resistant to solvents and chemicals.

4.They have a low coefficient of friction and a very low permeability to gases making them suitable forharsh environments.

5.PTFE Encapsulated O Ring also have a good elastomeric memory.

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Product Features

1.Excellent chemical resistance, is suitable for almost all chemical medium (strong oxidation, reducingsolvent);

2.Good corrosion resistance ( Strong acid and alkali solvent );

3.Wide temperature range -200°C~260°C;

4.Good compression resistance ≥30%;

5.Low Coefficient of Friction (only 0.1 ~ 0.2);

6.Good resistance to dissolve (≤0.1%) ;

7.High pressure resistantance(up to 60Mpa );

8.Excellent sealing persistence , increase 500% life time.


Product Packaging

1.OPP bag + Outer Carton

2.Customized packaging can be available.

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