Dust Proof Sealing Ring

The dust proof seal is installed on the inner side of the end cap of the hydraulic cylinder. The main seal lip is exposed to the air. The sealing medium is the dirt, sand, rain and frost attached to prevent external dust and rain from entering the inside of the sealing mechanism. Affects the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid and scratches the seal of the inner seal. Dust seals are available in a variety of sizes and sizes, both polyester and outsourced metal frames, so the range of use and targeting is more extensive. Its advantages are excellent wear resistance, anti-extrusion, impact resistance, small compression deformation, wide adaptability and easy installation.
  • Modified Polyurethane PU Shaft Seal Ring

    Wiper Seals ZHM is applicble to the sealing ring for shaft of various hydraulic oil cylinder on rigorous working condition acting as seal at pistonrod.
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  • NBr J-Type No Skeleton Shielding Ring

    DPS Seals No Skeleton seal For reciprocatiing cylinders, pneumatic piston rod and stem exposed to dust .it is used for sealing of piston and piston rod in recip rocatingexeceeding high pressure hydraulic oil cylinder.
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  • J Cap Type Piston Rod Dust Seal

    Piston rod seal is usded for and dustproof of reciprocating piston rod . material of rubber, polyurethane, fluorine rubber, J cap working medium has liquid, gas and so on.
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  • NBR Oil Seal Dust Seal

    The oil seal has a certain dustproof function. However, special dust seals are generally used when dust is severe or to protect other seals. There are many kinds of materials for dustproof sealing. Under normal circumstances, the dustproof seal of hydraulic machinery is...
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  • NBR Material V Type Combination Seal Ring

    DPS Seals V Type Combination Seal is used in the field of electronics, industrial machinery, equipment, household appliances, communications, automobiles, medical equipment and other industries.
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  • Rubber J Type No Skeleton Dust Ring

    Wiper Pu J/Ja Seals No Skeleton seal materrial TPU,CPU, nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, For reciprocating movement, cylinder, piston rod and stem exposed to dustproof role, TPU is generally used in machinery, general machinery, all kinds of valves, CPU, mainly engineering...
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  • Pneumatic Cylinder Universal PU Wiper Seal

    Rubber seal ring is used for sealing and dustproof of piston rod in the reciprocating cylinder and pneumatic, Wiper Pu J/Ja Seals.
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